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PGA Show | Gears Sports Presenters

Because Accuracy Matters Gears is a full swing, club & body tracking system used by…
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All SportsVolleyball

Volleyball Armswing – Male vs. Female

SIMILARITIES Although there is no absolute ideal perfect armswing, there are certain patterns of movement…
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Kicking: The Role of Both Legs

Kicking occurs in a wide range of sports from soccer to American football, rugby, martial…
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All SportsTraining

Overhead Athletes: Throwers vs. Hitters

Overhead athletes are your baseball, football, tennis, and volleyball players, and many others. We are…
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Ankle Stability and Mobility – Should I Be Wearing Braces?

Ankle stability and mobility are both vital for performance and injury prevention.  This is of…
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Pitcher’s Elbow: Movement Patterns that Put You at Risk

ELBOW VALGUS LOAD The risk for pitcher's elbow injury is linked to high repetition and…
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