Gears Baseball Biomechanics

Perfect your swinging and pitching biomechanics for critical performance tuning.


Why Is Gears Motion Capture the Best Tool for Improving Baseball Performance?

Gears Baseball gives a deep, detailed breakdown of pitching and batting biomechanics that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye, and even high speed 2D cameras.

With a crystal-clear, 3D rendering of the player, we identify performance potential and injury risk to help you develop the strongest and healthiest athletes.


Perceptual Cognition: Why Test in a Game-like Scenario?

Perceptual-cognitive function plays a significant role in how we move our bodies. The information we take in from our environment affects our neuromuscular function – and how we execute any given skill.

biomechanics of baseball pitching

What Makes Gears Baseball Kinematics So Accurate?

Measurements, not estimates

Gears measures the entirety of pitches, swings and throws in full 3D. See each phase of a baseball swing, the biomechanics of a baseball pitch, and every twitch and nuance of movement with glorious micromillimeter accuracy. Gears provides hard data and meaningful measurements that will change the way you approach training and performance.

Data. Lots of it.

Gears analyzes over 600 images per movement (in less than a second). Tracking each athlete head to toe, the data provides significant insight, including what cannot be seen with the naked eye or any other technology.

baseball swing kinematics of animated man with baseball bat
baseball motion capture suit

Optical Motion Tracking

Gears is an optical (camera-based) motion tracking system, powered by eight 1.7 megapixel cameras running at 360 frames per second. It offers numerous advantages over other approaches, including:

  • Custom-made, comfortable compression suits
  • Measurements as fine as 0.2mm
  • No wires attached to the user
  • Simple system setup
  • Absolute positioning with zero drift (unlike inertial systems)

Full Body Data

Use the world’s most popular baseball motion capture tech to measure body motion with unmatched fidelity:

  • Kinematic sequence for pitch and swing
  • Throwing hand speed
  • Bat speed
  • Body position at key points
  • Phase breakdown
  • Stride mechanics
  • Torso control
  • Elbow position
Baseball swing biomechanics in contact phase
Comparison of players' batting position

Compare Movements

Compare a user’s movement side-by-side with previously recorded data in fully rendered 3D—a powerful tool for measuring progress over time or comparing a player’s motion with proper techniques. Past and present data are synchronized during playback, for frame-by-frame comparison of key movement elements.