An in depth guide to how the Gears system works, and why it is so accurate.


Optical Motion Tracking

Powered by OptiTrack: Introducing Primex 22 – 2.2 MP camera at 360 FPS along with the Primex 13 – 1.3 MP camera at 240 FPS

What makes GEARS so accurate?

GEARS is dedicated to providing the most accurate data for coaches and athletes. It is the most accurate technology available to measure and analyze every aspect of sport-specific movement, in full 3D.

Ease of use/Speed of Capture

  • Easy-to-understand research-grade tech.
  • Customizable feature-rich software tunable to your specific needs.
  • Manual-motion captures catch every movement, such as drills, exercises, screenings, etc.

Enables coaches and athletes to monitor their performance


  • GEARS helps coaches quantify what they see, helping turn theories and hunches about athletic performance into data that drives decision-making.


  • Compare athletes to themselves at their best—or during their slumps—for keys to improved performance.
  • Get a leg up on competition. Clearly differentiate your abilities and competency from your competitors.


  • A full suite of 3D visuals easily communicates every measurement to speed coaches and athletes to conclusions and recommendations.

Comparative Analysis

Compare a user’s swing side-by-side with previously recorded data in fully rendered 3D—a powerful tool for measuring progress over time or comparing with proper techniques. Past and present data is synchronized during playback for frame-by-frame comparison of key swing elements.

Full Body Data with Biofeedback

Use the world’s most popular motion capture tech to measure body motion with unmatched fidelity:

  • Shoulder Angle
  • Hip Angle
  • Knee Angle
  • Toe Angle
  • Spine Angle
  • Major Body Lines
  • Kinematic Sequence