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What is Gears?

Gears is a 3D motion analysis solution that provides an unmatched visualization and in-depth analysis of movement in a wide variety of sport-specific skills that gives the user access to key information on movement variables that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Gears is the ultimate tool that allows you to peak under the hood and uncover how the body executes a specific skill, and can assist with breaking through new boundaries of performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Who can use Gears?

Gears can be used by any trainer, coach, athlete, or anyone curious about movement mechanics!  You can use Gears to assess progress, determine mechanical inefficiencies, and learn about how you or your clients are performing overall.

What does Gears cost?

The cost of a Gears system has a wide range based on your specific requirements.  Please contact us to set up a consultation to determine what system is appropriate for you.

Do I need to understand biomechanics to use Gears?

You do not need to be a biomechanics expert to understand Gears. We have made understanding the output user-friendly to athletes, trainers, and coaches alike. If there is a metric that you do not fully understand, our website’s blog provides articles and videos that explain what each metric is.

If you have further questions, please contact us at 1-855-GEARS-NOW.

How do I determine what system will suit my needs?

A Gears installation specialist will arrange a consultation to create a customized system that will address all of your capture needs.  Your system will be built based on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Capture volume
  • Which motions you would like to capture
  • Indoor vs. outdoor space / lighting
  • If your system need to be stationary or mobile
  • Frequency of captures

The customized elements of your system are:

  • Camera type
  • Number of cameras
  • Mounting equipment
  • Cable length
  • Appropriate hardware (i.e. switchboard, PC requirements)
  • Clothing package (for high athlete volume and/or a wide size range)
  • Recommending any additional software for deeper analysis


I am having trouble installing Gears

If you are experiencing difficulty, please call our customer support line at 1-855-GEARS-NOW to speak to a specialist who can access your system remotely and assist you.

GOLF: My system is having difficulty finding the ball

If you are having issues, please contact us at 1-855-GEARS-NOW, and one of our trained staff will be able to connect to your system and provide remote assistance.

How often should I re-calibrate?

We recommend that you re-calibrate before every  non-consecutive session. Even with a stationary system, camera shifting can occur over and it is always best to have a clean calibration for the best accuracy and results.

Re-calibration is required if any camera is bumped, even if its position did not appear to change. Otherwise, capture quality may be negatively affected.

It is recommended that you re-calibrate if your system is having difficulty snapping in the avatar or successfully completing a capture without marker loss (as long as this is not a continuous issue – if it is ongoing, camera reconfiguration should be considered).

What do I do if the avatar is not snapping in?

First, have the player exit and re-enter the volume and resume the calibration pose.  If the avatar will still not snap in, re-calibrate the system.

If you are still having issues, please contact us at 1-855-GEARS-NOW, and one of our trained staff will be able to connect to your system and provide remote assistance.


How does Gears work?

Gears is an optical motion capture system that uses retroreflective markers to detect their location in 3D space.  The cameras emit an infrared light that bounces off of the retroreflective markers that are attached to the player. When a marker is seen by more than one camera, their overlapping rays determine the precise location of that marker with sub-millimeter accuracy.

The avatar is built based on a programmed relationship between the markers.  This is why the player must stand in the “calibration” or T-pose position to allow the cameras to see hte markers in their expected relative locations, and the software determines which marker is which in order to build the avatar.  Once the markers are labeled by Gears, the 3D location of all labeled markers are tracked and analyzed to determine specific movement metrics for the body and/or object.

Can I customize what is measured?

Gears has done significant research to include the most relevant metrics for each sport skill.  However, if there is an additional measurement that you are interested in, you may contact our Director of Biomechanics at 1-855-GEARS-NOW ext. 104 to have a custom analysis of your data provided.  A potential additional cost will depend on the volume of data, and the nature and number of additional metrics requested.

If you would like a skill analyzed that is not included in our Gears system, please contact our Director of Biomechanics at 1-855-GEARS-NOW ext. 104 to discuss the option of a one-time custom analysis, or a multi-use solution.

What movements can I analyze?

Gears allows you to capture any movement you wish.  Specific skills (see below) have been pre-determined by our researchers for fast and meaningful results and recommendations.

  • Golf Swing
  • Baseball Pitching and Batting
  • Volleyball Spike and Block
  • Football Throw and Kick
  • Basketball Jump Shot
  • Soccer Kick

For an analysis of a skill that is not included above, please contact our Director of Biomechanics at 1-855-GEARS-NOW ext. 104 to discuss the skill and analysis you wish to have completed.

What do I do with my results?

Not only do we provide you with body metrics specific to your skill, but we also provide you with general recommendations to correct mechanical issues that are uncovered.

Note: All recommendations are based on biomechanical analyses only, and are meant to be applicable to a general healthy population.  Every athlete may have different needs based on current/previous injuries or specific goals, and thus the athlete/coach/trainer may have a program that does not concur with every recommendation. It is highly recommended that all exercise programs are supervised by a trained professional.

How long does it take to get my results?

For Gears Golf, your results will appear instantly.

For any other skill, the turnaround time of your results will depend on the number of captures, and if any custom metrics that are requested. Typically, results are generated within one week for up to 30 captures. The number of captures can break down into multiple players performing the same skill, or fewer players performing multiple skills.

As we continue to develop our software, more skills will be added to the system to provide instant results and feedback.

Can Gears be used with other technology or software?

Gears cannot be directly connected to other technologies, however, you may use Gears data in other software programs for a more in-depth analysis.  Gears can export data in CSV and C3D format (compatible with most 3D motion analysis programs such as Visual 3D, MatLab, C3Deditor, etc).