Gears Football Biomechanics

Professional-grade metrics and tracking will launch your football players to levels of achievement you didn’t think possible. Set up with Gears and start throwing and kicking with precise, medical-grade measurement.


Why Is GEARS the Best Biomechanics Tool for Football?

In a sport that has no patience for mediocrity, your movement tracking shouldn’t either. Gears football motion capture enables athletes to trace each little twitch and nuance to their movement and optimize for speed, strength, and long-term health. Gears training analytics will help you make the most of every second in the game.

Break down every micro-moment and identify strengths, weaknesses, and hidden blockages that are preventing peak performance.


Overhead Athletes: Throwers vs. Hitters

Overhead athletes are your baseball, football, tennis, and volleyball players, and many others. Although the general football kinematics of these overhead skills have many similarities, the demands on the body and various joints are quite different and require different types of training.

quarterback in a packed stadium about to throw a brown football

What Makes Gears Kinematics so Accurate for Football?

Measurements, not estimates

Gears measures each action in full 3D. See each movement from every angle with micromillimeter accuracy. Gears provides hard data and meaningful metrics through acceleration to full speed and will change the way you approach performance. Get ready to see the motions of football like never before.

Data. Lots of it.

Gears analyzes over 600 images per movement (in less than a second). Tracking each athlete from head to toe, the data supplies invaluable insights. These insights cannot be captured with any other technology, much less the naked eye.

Gears measurements of football biomechanics against a dark background with charts and statistics
football motion capture compression suits

Optical Motion Tracking

Gears is an optical (camera-based) sports tracking system, powered by eight 1.7 megapixel cameras running at 360 frames per second. It offers numerous advantages over other approaches, including:

  • Custom made comfortable compression motion capture suits
  • Biomechanic football measurements as fine as 0.2mm
  • No wires attached to the user
  • Simple system setup
  • “Absolute positioning,” with zero drift (unlike inertial systems)

Full Body Data and Biomechanics

Use the world’s most popular football motion capture tech to measure body motion with unmatched fidelity:

  • Kinematic sequencing
  • Body position at key phases
  • Joint angles and velocities
  • Center of mass control
  • Reaction speed
  • Leg speed
  • Hand speed at ball release
  • Explosiveness
  • Body segment velocities
football kitematics of a person throwing a footabll
Comparing the biomechanics and data of different football players

Athlete Movement Comparisons

Compare a player’s movement side-by-side with previously recorded data in fully rendered 3D—a powerful tool for measuring progress over time or comparing with proper techniques. Past and present kinematic data are synchronized during playback, for frame-by-frame comparison of key movement elements.