Gears Lite Connection

Use the steps below to establish a connection between the Gears Lite iPad application and the Gears Golf desktop application.

1. Connect the desktop machine and iPad to the same network.

2. In the Gears Golf desktop application, start the local server.

Click the settings icon in bottom right corner of the screen.
Click Local Server (if this option is not present please contact support).
Click Generate Code.

3. In Gears Lite iPad application, enter the connection information.

Note: There may be more than one Possible Ip Addresses listed. Try each until the connection is successful.

4. Accept the connection.

After clicking Connect System on the iPad application, you will see this popup in the desktop application. Click Yes to allow the connection.

The above connection will last until the local server running on the desktop application is stopped (or the desktop application is stopped). If the iPad application is stopped (and the desktop server remains running) you can reconnect by tapping the system from the list above the connection inputs.

Trouble shooting connections

If the allow connection popup doesn’t appear in the desktop application (after clicking Connect System in the iPad application) – and you have confirmed the ip, port, and code are correct – then there is likely a firewall blocking the connection.

Windows Firewall

To allow communication through the Windows firewall between the iPad and desktop applications, close the Gears desktop application and follow the steps below.

Tap the Windows key, type ‘firewall’, then click Windows Defender Firewall Control Panel.
Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
Scroll through the list until you find Gears Sports (there will likely be 2 or more entries). Click the Change settings button. Make sure both check boxes are selected for each Gears Sports line in the list. Click OK.

After completing the above steps restart the desktop application and attempt the connection again. If it still doesn’t work then restart the computer and follow the above steps again to confirm the firewall changes were properly saved. If they were and the connection still doesn’t work, then your network firewall may be blocking the connection. Speak with your ISP or IT professional to fix this. If you continue to experience problems, please contact support.