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Coach’s Eye: How to Amplify Yours and Improve Team Technique

A coach’s eye is invaluable. It takes years of experience and a keen intuition to recognize great technique. In a sense, all of a team’s progress and success under a certain coach comes down to that coach’s ability to recognize minute movements out on the field. Players’ good and bad behaviors, although difficult to see always, make or break the team’s score at the end of the day.

Despite the vital knowledge they impart on training their athletes, coaches are unfortunately constrained by the limitations of human vision.  But what are those limitations?

How Many Frames Can a Human Eye See per Second?

  • Human Eye Speed: the human eye can see at a rate of about 60 frames per second.
  • Human Eye Detail: the human eye can only focus on a small area at a time – approximately 18 degrees in the field of view. Although we think we are observing a larger area of focus (up to 120 degrees), most of that is peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is actually our brain filling in the blanks based on the blurred colors and shapes that we pick up on – but details go unseen.

So what do coaches do to overcome these limitations?  They take video from different angles, they watch several trails so they can focus on different components of a skill.  Although these methods help, technological advancements add an unbeatable weapon to the coach’s arsenal:

3D Optical Motion Capture for Sports

In this age, why should we rely on the frailties of the human eye to optimize athletes’ performance? Not only does Gears sports motion capture capture many more frames and much more detail per second than the naked eye, but it also mathematically plots out the nuances and angles of an athletes’ movement with near perfect precision. Our technology is taking players and coaches to heights of performance that many never thought possible.

  • Speed: Gears Sports 3D optical motion cameras see at 360 frames per second. That’s 6 times faster than the human eye! Captures can also be viewed at a variety of speeds.
  • Detail: These same 3D cameras can see athletes from every possible angle – even angles that would be nearly impossible to get with video cameras. In addition, every joint angle, segment movement, and body movement is measured.  No guesswork, no debate. Just real data with submillimeter accuracy.

This technology will amplify the coach’s eye to allow them to see their athletes at any speed, from every angle, with hard measurements, and quantifiable benchmarks. Now that’s a game changer.

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