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What is Gait Analysis?

What is Gait Analysis? Gait analysis is the biomechanical evaluation of how you walk or…
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Volleyball Armswing – Male vs. Female

SIMILARITIES Although there is no absolute ideal perfect armswing, there are certain patterns of movement…
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Coordination in Sports: How Does a Moving Target Affect It?

When analyzing coordinative patterns in sports maneuvers such as a baseball pitch, tennis serve, or…
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Kicking a Soccer Ball Forward: Body Movement in the Lower Leg

Kicking occurs in a wide range of sports from soccer to American football, rugby, martial…
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All SportsTraining

Overhead Sports: Throwing vs. Hitting

Overhead athletes are your baseball, football, tennis, and volleyball players, and many others. We are…
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Mobility Braces: Should I be Wearing one to Help With Ankle Stability and Mobility?

Ankle stability and mobility are both vital for performance and injury prevention.  This is of…
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Pitcher’s Elbow: How Valgus Force Puts You at Risk

ELBOW VALGUS LOAD The risk for pitcher's elbow injury is linked to high repetition and…
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Food for thoughtGeneral

Webcam Motion Capture: Is Optical or Inertial Better?

How Does Optical Motion Capture Work? Optical motion capture requires cameras positioned around the desired…
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Low Back Pain in Golf: Are You at Risk?

What Causes LBP? Low back pain is the most common injury in Golf.  There are…
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