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Gears Golf Operation: Summary Page

Click the summary icon (hamburger icon) at the top of the screen next to the player that is selected.

The summary page will display all club swings from a single session. The following metrics are included:

  • Clubhead at Impact: Club Path, Attack Angle, Face to Path, Spin Loft, Closure Rate, Low Point.
  • Speed: Impact Point, Face Center, Ratio to Grip.
  • Loft: Face Center, Address, Impact, Difference.
  • Lie: Address, Impact, Difference.
  • Face Angle: Face Center, Address, Impact, Difference.
  • Shaft: Grip Speed, Grip Roll, Kick, Twist.
  • Shaft Path: Deflection, Droop, Ratio.
  • Shaft Lean: Address, Impact, Difference.
  • Ball: Carry, Top Speed, Launch Angle, Relative Angle, Back Spin, Smash Factor.

You can select between various clubs by clicking either drivers or irons at the top left of the Summary Page screen.

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