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Gears Settings: Ball

Click the Gears icon in the bottom right side of the screen and select Settings from the menu. Click the Ball icon.

Ball Flight Calculation

  • None – no ball flight data will be recorded.
  • Use External Device
    • Select your external system from the drop-down menu
  • Use GEARS – enter any information that you know about the ball you are using, or leave the default values as follows:
    • Ball Weight (oz): 1.62
    • Ball Diameter (in): 1.68
    • Barometric Pressure (psi): 14
    • Temperature: 80

You can also click Restore Defaults and these values will automatically populate. Keep in mind that it will reset all Ball Settings, so make sure all values are what you intend them to be.

Ball Finder & Position

  • FPS
    • Frames per second. This is the capture rate.
  • Iterations
    • number of sequential frames required to locate the ball.
  • Exposure
    • Determines how light or dark the capture volume image will appear.
  • ROI – region of interest. The area the ball is expected to be placed.  Can vary slightly between left and right-handed golfers.
    • Set ROI origin – Right/Left handed
  • ROI Radius
    • circular region that specifies where the the cameras will look for the ball.
  • Ball X/Y/Z Offset
    • If the ball location is not centered based on the lighting in the environment and the reflections off of the ball, you can manually adjust where the ball location should be.  To determine if your ball finder data is accurate, place a marker where the ball intends to be and click ball finder.  Note the location and compare to when there is a ball in the environment.

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