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For the best 3D data collection, your capture volume is the first place you should assess.  This is the biggest key to ensuring a clean session and great captures.  The precision of the 3D cameras is incredible.  It can see the smallest reflective object, and can pinpoint its exact position with sub-millimeter accuracy.  But with great power comes great responsibility…and we have two big ones for you.

Responsibility #1 – Clear the Volume

The cameras can see everything within the capture volume, and we mean everything.  So make sure that there is nothing reflective in or near the space!  Now, we say near the space as well as in the space because the cameras can technically see beyond the confines of the volume.  Not well enough to capture a full 3D image, but well enough that it shows up as visual “noise” that will interfere with the capture quality.  So check the entire space in AND around the capture volume.  Some common items that are typically around a volume, but not hidden well enough:

  • Running shoes or athletic wear with reflective material
  • Loose markers
  • The calibration square or wand

Responsibility #2 – Calibrate Often

Depending on your setup and the environment around your cameras, ‘often’ may mean as little as every week or two.  If your system is not used too often, and your camera placement is very secure (mounted onto the walls, for example), then you are a part of the once every 1-2 weeks group.  If your cameras are on tripods, are used daily, or are frequently moved, you should recalibrate every new session.

The reason for recalibration, even if you THINK the cameras didn’t move….is because they did. Slightly. Cameras can shift from vibrations in the ground or walls due to heavy foot traffic, hard steps, moving heavy objects in the capture room, or even if you lightly bump into them with no apparent movement.

Clean Captures Every Time!

By doing these two things – clearing the volume and recalibrating often – you have done your part in ensuring a consistent, accurate, clean capture.

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